We arrived at the location we will be staying at for the next three days, which is a guest house just outside of Hinche. It's actually a whole property/compound owned by the Catholic Church with a church building for local priests and nuns, and guest houses for missionaries and guests of partner organizations such as World Vision (WV). We were shown to our room which was in a building kind of like a dormitory, although our room does have its own bathroom. We were delighted to see a mosquito net covering our bed, a bathroom with running water, and a personal AC unit in our room. We set down our bags and went straight to dinner, as it was about 7:30pm. We were served goat, fried plantains, rice, and beets for dinner. We also were served fruit juice that was clearly freshly squeezed right on site, with no added sugar, and it was delicious! Fresh fruit juice is a big thing in Haiti (for those who can afford the luxury).



Sleeping that night was pretty wonderful compared to our previous stay in Haiti. The mosquito net made a world of difference for being able to sleep with peace of mind that we weren't getting bitten up all night.


An incredible bonus of staying on Catholic Church grounds was listening to the priests and nuns worshipping in the morning. It came every morning at about 6:15am, and sounded heavenly. We captured the audio of them singing one morning, so that we would have it to share later. You can hear it in the beginning of the video below.