Ferrys & Airplanes

November 8, 2016By DavidHaiti

Today ended up being solely a travel day. We arrived at Port au Prince around 9:00am. After dealing with our mosquito net not making it and “filing a claim” at the Port au Prince airport (where the look that was given to us from the airline baggage representative taking our claim basically said, “yeeeeah, you’re … Read More

Capturing Others’ Life Changing Experiences

May 12, 2016By DavidHaiti

It came together last minute for us to shoot some interviews this morning before our flight home. So we woke up before the sun and got picked up by a driver to go to Hotel Montana, a historic hotel in Port au Prince where World Vision Haiti was hosting an event called “Movement Day”. There … Read More

Learning to be Flexible

May 11, 2016By DavidHaiti

It’s hard to believe today was our last day in Hinche! However we are thankful for the fact that we will be going home tomorrow. Both David and I didn’t sleep very well, and woke up feeling like we’d been hit by a bus. Just so exhausted, emotionally and physically. We enjoyed what might be our … Read More